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World War II 75th Anniversary Cold-Cast Bronze Sculptures

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World War II 75th Anniversary Cold-Cast Bronze Sculptures

$89.99 World War II 75th Anniversary Commemorative Hand-Painted Eagle Sculpture Collection With Intricate Details & Marbleized Bases – D-Day. Pearl Harbor. Iwo Jima. Merely evoking these names conjures strong emotions, somber respect and unwavering pride for the brave American heroes of World War II. Now, to mark the 75th anniversary of a war that changed our country forever, The Bradford Exchange is proud to introduce our exclusive World War II 75th Anniversary Sculpture Collection. Featuring dramatic eagle sculptures commemorating the historic battles and events of an epic world conflict, this museum-quality collection begins with Issue One, Iwo Jima. Soon, your collection will continue with Issue Two, D-Day, Issue Three, Pearl Harbor, and additional WWII 75th anniversary eagle sculptures, each a separate issue to follow. Each of the handcrafted commemorative WWII sculptures in this collection is grandly sized at over one foot wide and showcases a cold cast bronze eagle with outstretched wings symbolizing the soaring spirit of victory. Raised relief images of soldiers, flags, military vehicles and other WWII icons are captured within the wings to represent a specific battle, while the eagle is perched atop an American flag seemingly billowing in the wind. Hand-painted detailing brings each sculpture to vivid life and stirring words from important historic figures grace the marbleized base, along with golden trim and a woodgrain finish. As a further mark of distinction, the base features a brass-toned title plaque with the name and date of battle. Strong demand is expected for this 75th anniversary collection and it has a strict limited edition of only 7,500 complete collections. It makes an impressive statement in any room and a striking patriotic gift too, so don’t wait. Order now!

World War II 75th Anniversary Co

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