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Unlock! Mystery Adventures (FRENCH ONLY)

Bradford Exchange Deal

Unlock! Mystery Adventures (FRENCH ONLY)

$60.99 This is the FRENCH version of the game.
Unlock! is a cooperative card game inspired by escape rooms. The box contains three exciting adventures. Work together to solve puzzles and accomplish the goals in each adventure. Begin by searching the scenes and then combine objects to help solve the puzzles.
The House On The Hill: What is goin on in this run-down manor? Explore its sinister rooms and thwart the curse which haunts this isolated place. The Nautilus’ Traps: Hunt down by a sea monster during a dive, you find shelter when you open an old hatch. Find a way to resurface!The Tonipal’s Treasure: Captain Smith hid his treasure on Tonipal Island. Dig up the treasure before another treasure hunter gets hold of it!
UNLOCK! requires a free app to play. Once downloaded (Google Play or App Store), no internet connection is necessary to play.
Ages: 10+Players: 1 – 6Average Game Length: 60 minutesContents: 1 rulebook, tutorial (10 cards), 3 adventures (180 cards)

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