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Treasured Reflections Of Elvis Presley Wearing The Iconic Gold Lamé Suit Handcrafted Sculpture$450$


When Elvis™ walked onstage on March 28, 1957 at Chicago’s International Amphitheatre, wearing his gold lamé ensemble for the very first time, it instantly became legendary among rock regalia! This iconic ensemble made history again when shots of him wearing it graced the cover of his 1959 “50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong” album cover, making it one of his most memorable ever. Now, you can bring a taste of this music history into your home with the Treasured Reflections of Elvis Presley™ Sculpture, a limited-edition first ever available only from The Hamilton Collection.This meticulously handcrafted sculpture features Elvis in his gold lamé ensemble with a silvery microphone in hand. A swirling, pure crystalline musical staff, shimmering with fine, clear glitter, serves as a glistening backdrop. For added pizzazz, his suit is lavished with 18 genuine Swarovski® crystals. A smooth, bevel-edged polished mirror base features Elvis’ replica signature and perfectly reflects the sparkle of the hand-applied glitter and Swarovski crystals on this must-have, officially licensed Elvis Presley collectible. Due to the continuing popularity of Elvis and the edition limit, we expect high demand. So, don’t delay and risk disappointment. Order now!

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