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The Only High Relief God Silver Dollar Coin With Display Box

Bradford Exchange Deal

The Only High Relief God Silver Dollar Coin With Display Box

$229.99 The Peace Silver Dollar was originally designed in dramatic high relief, but this damaged the dies so it was changed to lower-relief in 1922. However, in 1926, all three mints’ issues showed the word “GOD” in far higher relief than the coin’s other words, as if the master die was touched up by hand. Whether this was a statement of opinion or an honest-to-god mistake, The Only High Relief God Silver Dollar Coin can now be yours with this exclusive presentation available from The Bradford Exchange Mint.Offered in Brilliant Uncirculated condition, your 1926 Peace Silver Dollar coin arrives sealed within a crystal-clear tamper-proof holder. Because this silver dollar error coin was issued shortly after the controversial Scopes “Monkey Trial,” which challenged Tennessee’s ban on teaching evolution, some have speculated that a Mint employee touched up the master die to express his opinion. It’s also possible that a simple mistake happened during the transition of Chief Engravers, which occurred around that time. The mystery and historic significance of this highly collectible 90% silver dollar coin only add to its desirability. Plus, you’ll receive a museum-quality mahogany-finished wooden Deluxe Display Box along with your historic rare coin. Don’t miss this extraordinary coin collecting opportunity. Strong demand is expected, so hurry – order now!

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