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The First U.S. Trade Silver Dollar Coin with Tamper-Proof Holder and Display Box

The First U.S. Trade Collectible Silver Dollar Coin Minted From 1873 – 1885 – After the Civil War, clipper ships and newfangled steamboats sent U.S. traders sailing off across the world. Yet customers in the Far East, especially China, preferred reliable Mexican coins. In 1873, the massive silver strikes of the Comstock Lode led Congress to approve the first-ever U.S. Trade Silver Dollar coin. Struck in 90% pure silver and minted from 1873 – 1885, this intriguing coin has become quite scarce – but now it’s yours to own in this exclusive collectible coin presentation ONLY from The Bradford Exchange Mint.The First U.S. Silver Dollar Coin is a collectible treasure with a fascinating history. Intended for export, not for circulation within the U.S., these coins contained 420 grains of silver, slightly more than the previous 90% silver Liberty Seated Dollar, and were given legal tender status. By 1876, plunging silver values made Trade dollars unpopular, and their legal tender status was removed, marking the first time a U.S. coin was demonetized. Your 90% silver coin – up to 140 years old – arrives in a crystal-clear tamper-proof holder and includes a deluxe display box. Heavy demand is expected for The First U.S. Trade Silver Dollar Coin, so don’t wait to claim yours. Order now! $349.00 USD

Bradford Authenticated


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