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The Crusader 24K Gold-Plated Men’s Ring Of Valor Ring With Silver Coin

Glimpse the bold cross emblazoned on silver, or the iconic imagery of the Knights Royal Crest and Shield, and you can almost hear knights charging forward and battle cries filling the air. Now you can recall the fabled courage and noble values of the legendary Knights Templar with this Crusader Ring of Valor Ring, a fine jewelry exclusive from The Bradford Exchange Mint. Containing a portion of Crusader era silver, this distinctive jewelry design is a treasure you can wear with honor.Expertly handcrafted, this 24K gold-plated coin ring recreates the detailed design of a 12th century Silver Gros Tournois coin as its centerpiece. The inner band is engraved with “1266 A.D. Gros Tournois Silver Coin Order of the Knights Templar” for the finishing touch. A bold and unique jewelry treasure, the Crusader Ring of Valor arrives with a custom presentation case for gift-giving or safekeeping. Pressing demand is expected, so don’t wait – order now! $169.00 USD

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