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The Bomb Squad Puzzle

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The Bomb Squad Puzzle

$1399.99 You answer the door at your house. nobody is there… You look down and see a nice aluminium case at your house. You smile 🙂 Then you look up, trying to see who the gift was from. A man is walking back to his car. You believe you recognize the man but you just can’t place him. Kind of weird… but you bring the case in. Open it, then… Good Luck :)The Bomb-Squad is a sequential discovery puzzle of a hard difficulty. The Bomb-Squad is designed for 1 to 3 people and takes about 90 minutes to solve. The concept is a home escape-room style puzzle. It comes packaged in a nice aluminium carrying case. Bomb Squad is made by hobbyist designer Andy Gilker, who took more than 240 hours to find the concept, create the story, find and create the right components and produce the prototypes.Because this looks the way it does (freaking awesome!), it takes 10 minutes to assemble the game when you receive it. This way there seems to be no problems with customs.

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