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Swing Lock – Metal

Swing Lock – Metal

Bradford Exchange Deal

Swing Lock – Metal

$689.99 Open (and close) this substantial trick lock using only gentle actions and parts supplied (no external tools allowed). When you start to experiment with the lock, you will notice that the key is attracted to some kind of magnet inside the puzzle. You can also hear some rattling internally, as if there were parts moving freely inside the puzzle. The shackle has three positions: neutral, half down and fully down. When you manage to get it fully down you have solved it, and you just need to pull it up and remove it.
If you open the lock – you are only halfway there. Now, you need to reset the mechanism and be able to close it again. If you are able to open and close the lock quickly, and you understand the mechanism inside, you can consider it solved!
This puzzle is not a toy; it’s only suitable for use by a serious puzzler.
Designed by Splinter J. Spierenburgh
Do not place this puzzle close to your chest when you have a pacemaker.Keep objects (bank cards, electronics) away from this puzzle as those might be damaged (magnetized)

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