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Super Cylinder

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Super Cylinder

$634.99 This sequential discovery puzzle is in the unique shape of a hefty camera lens! It is a large, rich-looking and unique 3D printed puzzle designed by Boston Abrams.
You must perform various different actions (i.e. rotate, push, pull) to the puzzle to open the cylinder. There is a least 16 moves to reveal a compartment inside which has a small sheet of paper that states that you have completed the puzzle. It can be used to store a small momento. The solution for the puzzle will have you appreciating the function of its inner mechanisms. No excessive force is required.
Great as a gift for family or friends, or just as a fun challenge for yourself. A intricately detailed and exceptionally well printed puzzle that is perfect for the collector.
This puzzle is a cousin of the much smaller and less difficult Dials, which is by the same designer. The solutions are different, but the puzzles have a similar style.

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