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Secret Lock Box II

Bradford Exchange Deal

Secret Lock Box II

$69.99 Can you open the box? This is our most challenging puzzle box. The 3 dials must be exactly positioned to open the box. Made from a variety of possible hardwoods, each box is unique not only in appearance but also in that each box will have a different unlocking combination code. That is your box will not open with the same combination as any other box. We do provide the code with your box. If you should lose it in the future and are struggling to open the box, don’t worry, you can email or call and we’ll tell you the combination.
It is a fairly challenging box, with our estimate of a solution time taking 10 to 30 minutes; though many will give up….
Measures about 4 3/4″ x 3 3/4″ x 3.5″ externally and about 4″ x 3.2″ x 2.2″ internally (the max size of something that would fit in the box)
Designed by Bob Nolet and made Spring Hill, FL – copyright CreativeCrafthouse

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