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Quest Pyramid

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Quest Pyramid

$67.5 The Quest Pyramid is an interactive pyramid with various puzzles that have to be solved one after the other in a logical order to unlock all the mechanisms and open the pyramid. In other words, an escape room in a handy format! Start on the underside of the pyramid; there you will find the numbering of all puzzles that have to be solved. By cleverly combining and shifting the various mechanisms, you come closer to the solution. Since the puzzles consist of symbols and numbers, you can solve the pyramid in any language!
Are you smart enough to uncover the secret of the burial chamber? Open the pyramid and discover the secret that lies within. The puzzles are demanding – if you don’t know what to do next, you can scan the QR code provided and you will get some hints, tips and tricks. It also a unique gift idea – give the puzzle itself or hide something inside the center cavity!
Comes with a pamphlet that includes an intriguing backstory. Approximate solve time is 60 minutes.Ages: 14+The pyramid is delivered in an assembled state so that you can start puzzling right away!

60-90 min. Puzzle fun for an exciting and entertaining evening alone or with friends
Consists of 63 individual parts
Size of the burial chamber in the pyramid: 5.2 cm x 5.2 cm x 5.2
High-quality birch wood is used so that the pyramid is durable

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