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$120.99 Kevin Sadler wrote about it:
This attractive puzzle by Lucie Pauwels is sent out in a special travel conformation it is a nice hollow 3x3x3 cube containing a nice marble (pearl) and held in a frame by long dowels that go through each corner along each axis. The dowels need to be pushed out and the cube dismantled. I scrambled the pieces and left them for a while to lose any memory of the positioning and then set to rearranging the pieces back into shape. This is a nice logic puzzle that shouldnt take long for experienced puzzlers but might be a decent challenge for a beginner. I found it quite fun after the effort required for other Pelikan designs. Looking at a Burrtools file there are 2 possible assemblies but I have so far only managed to find one of them.
Material Acacia / Jatoba

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