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Ore Puzzle

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Ore Puzzle

$499.99 ORE is a sleek, sharp, and sophisticated mechanical puzzle to be displayed as an art piece once you’ve completed its challenging construction.
It is made from eight different pieces of metal (seven of which are aluminum, one of which is copper) that connect in unique ways and orientations using dovetail joints. The copper piece is very heavy! Don’t let the only eight pieces fool you; in this case, the simpler the object appears, the more complicated its construction.
One of the most interesting aspects of this puzzle is the stark contrast in color and composition as well as its very hefty weight (over 1.5 pounds!). It has been handcrafted using a CNC machine, belt sander, and a buffing wheel to give it a rustic yet polished look. The less pristine finish contributes to the “ore” nature of the display. It has been made in limited quantity, and the inside of the copper piece displays a number and the designer’s name.
Designed by Nic Burger, who is an Industrial Designer by trade but enjoys making items (particularly from metal) that are beautiful and challenging.

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