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Newton Cryptex Cylinder Puzzle Box

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Newton Cryptex Cylinder Puzzle Box

$74.99 Newton is a fun and challenging one-of-a-kind Cryptex Cylinder Puzzle box. You may have to be really smart to solve this one…
Newton is a two-level, four-layered design. Your goal is to guide the ball bearings from the top level to the second level then into the centre compartment by rotating the cylinder columns. The puzzle can be lifted open once solved to reveal a hidden compartment (D:1″xH:4″) that can hold a gift or message. Ideal gift for puzzle lovers or as a tabletop toy to entertain your visiting guests.
Clues are printed on the puzzle, you’ll need the hand of a locksmith. A flashlight and Google search have proven helpful. How long will it take you to solve it?Reset instruction included.3D printed in a rich looking silky copper colored PLA* filament.* PLA is a renewable/biodegradable material made from crops such as corn and sugarcane. It has a low melting temperature and will deform if place inside a car on a hot summer day or directly under the sun for a long period of time.** Warning: Choking Hazard – Contains metal ball bearings, not for children under 5 years.Material: PLA* plastic / Ball bearings.*** Due to the nature of 3d printing some minor imperfections may be visible.

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