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Mechanical Model – Safe

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Mechanical Model – Safe

$107.99 UGEARS models are a unique combination of wood and mechanics. UGEARS feature easy-to-assemble wooden pieces and gears that actually move that will bring delight to novice and experienced modelers alike. Made with laser-cut high quality plywood, there is no glue required to assemble these intricate masterpieces. Detailed step-by-step color instructions are provided in 10 languages.
Considering safe-cracking as a profession? This might be just where you should start. Build your own safe with a personal lock combination!
To Open the Safe: Twist the knob safe counterclockwise (left) to one-two turns to reset the mechanism. You can now dial the code:1 – Scroll the knob counterclockwise (left) to the first digit from 1 to 9. Stay on it.2 – Now turn the knob clockwise (right) to the number zero. After passing zero continue to twist the handle to the right to the second code digits from 1 to 9. Stay on it.3- Again turn the knob counterclockwise (left) to the third digit.If the combination is correct, your safe clicks and opens itself on the third digit.To re-close the safe: close the door, scroll the knob counterclockwise (left) – the lock closes itself.
Pieces: 179Ages: 14+ (Adults) Estimated assembly time: 4-5 hoursFinished model size: 7.7*7.3*6.9 in (196 * 185 * 176 mm)Inside space of the safe : The W*H*D 6.1*5.5*4.1 in (155 * 140 * 105 mm)Self-assembly. No glue required!

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