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Lotus Flower Puzzle

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Lotus Flower Puzzle

$239.99 This puzzle is a wildly popular and sought-after sequential discovery puzzle designed by Wil Strijbos! It is made of an attractive blue anodized aluminum that also bears the designers signature on the front. In order to find the “lotus flower”, you need to be able to remove the aluminum circular disc and rod. A very difficult puzzle that keeps captivating as its solution unfolds. Requires no magnets, no banging, no external tools, and no force in any way. As with all of Wil Strijbos designs, this puzzle is extremely high quality, and is a coveted treasure for the puzzle collector!
“Long time ago (probably already 20 years) I created the Yen Puzzle. It is a wooden frame with a nail in it that holds a Yen Coin from Japan. Because my upgraded new creation has some other secrets in it, I thought it will be better to name it the Lotus (it sounds more mysterious:) Probably later on you will understand why. … ” – Wil Strijbos
Please note that there is a small black pin found on one end of the Lotus. This pin must not be removed from the puzzle – (it has nothing to do with the solution) and it is there for your safety. The Lotus is spring loaded.

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