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Loki’s Box of Tricks

Loki’s Box of Tricks

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Loki’s Box of Tricks

$389.99 A large and challenging wooden puzzle box filled with mechanical and logical puzzles, based upon the Norse mythology surrounding Loki.
The story: A mystery chest has arrived in the mail, it bears the symbol of ‘Loki’, the God of Mischief. The box is full of items and there’s a treasure map clearly visible but is it all that it appears to be? Probably not, but there’s only one way to find out.
Can you solve all the puzzles and find your way to Loki’s treasure?
Loki’s box of tricks is a series of challenging mechanical puzzles, each with a slight ‘trick’ to their solution. The puzzles are hidden inside their own box with more story being revealed as you solve puzzles and progress down through the layers, decode the information and discover the secrets hidden within.
The box contains six mechanical puzzles made from wood, there’s a sequential puzzle, a burr puzzle, a puzzle lock and a string puzzle. These increase in difficulty as you progress down through the box, the last two are unashamedly tricky but like any good puzzle they make it easy to understand what is required and difficult to complete. Alongside the puzzles are codes and stories about the mythology of Loki.There are multiple paths through the box, with a definitive end point and a reward for 100% completion.The box is around 40cm x30cm x10cm in size and weighs in at 1.5Kg. It’s made from various woods including stained poplar and birch plywood and real wood veneered MDF (for the bits that really must be flat).

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