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Loki Puzzle

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Loki Puzzle

$249.99 Loki is the god of mischief, mayhem, and disorder. A trickster among the northern gods, the most fickle and cunning of them all. Plotting all the time, sometimes with the gods, sometimes against them. Lord of trickery, master of knots, nets, webs, locks, and keys, he is the master of deceit.His name is Loki…Designed to mess with your mind, Loki is a sequential discovery puzzle lock, containing several new tricks to challenge you. The goal is to open the lock and then lock it again. It is the latest addition to the Puzzlock line of high quality and complex trick locks. Are you up for the challenge?All the locks in this series are made from real padlocks by Nabob and then precision modified to create great and challenging puzzle locks.The package contains the lock, a fabric bag, and an instruction card.
Important note: Do not apply excessive force or use any external tools.Designed by Boaz Feldman.

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