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Key & Keyway Cube Puzzle

Bradford Exchange Deal

Key & Keyway Cube Puzzle

$57.99 3D printed at a high quality with a matte finish this simple design is suitable for young and old.
Don’t let its appearance deceive you, the Key and Keyway Cube is designed to test all levels of puzzle solver, but with only 8 pieces, how hard could it be?!
Rules for assembly

Assemble the 2x2x2 cube with all Key and Keyway features hidden (only blank faces exposed)
No twisting or rotating of parts required
No removal of keys (screws)
All keys must be fully engaged with keyway i.e. the key must be fully slotted at the end of the receiving channel.
No force required! If 2 or more pieces feel like they don’t fit together, they don’t fit together.

Happy Puzzling!

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