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Kennedy Space Center Launch Pad Illuminated Sculpture

Bradford Exchange Deal

Kennedy Space Center Launch Pad Illuminated Sculpture

$139.99 On May 5, 1961, the first American roared into space aboard Freedom 7, launched by a Redstone rocket, marking a historic moment in U.S. history. Since then, America and the world have been fascinated by the exploration of space and the compelling mystery of what truly exists beyond. Now, the Kennedy Space Center Launch Pad Sculpture captures the essence of that fascination and mystery, with a dramatic recreation of Kennedy on launch day. A Bradford Exchange, Hawthorne Village Division, exclusive, this fully-dimensional sculpture is superbly handcrafted, hand-painted down to the smallest authentic detail and showcased in an stirring 17-inch-high presentation to make you feel like you are witnessing a historic lift-off up-close-and-personal.Much labor-intensive work and dedicated research went into the creation of this fine collectible sculpture, in order to faithfully recreate an awe-inspiring scene that is now iconic. Witness a true-to-life Space Shuttle in all of its glory, connected to the towering Orbiter Access Arm with its famous White Room. Plus, key details like the Oxygen Vent Arm and its “Beanie Cap,” the Lightning Mast bearing an American flag, and even the treads of the transporters are reproduced with careful intricacy, to reach the height of realism and historical accuracy. Plus, 6 LED lights are strategically placed in the platform and tower to create a highly-dramatic effect. This historic Kennedy Space Center sculpture also makes a patriotic electric train accessory and is sure to generate plenty of excitement. Hurry to order now!

Kennedy Space Center Launch Pad

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