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Karakuri Ring Box 2-2

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Karakuri Ring Box 2-2

$296.99 This is a new and improved version of the 2013 Ring Box. It has been redesigned to emphasize the trick. The lid can be removed easily. However, the goal of this puzzle is to get the ring out of the box!!
It features an inlay of two intertwined rings on the top panel. They are not pasted on the surface, but carved into the surface by about 0.5mm.***Please do not use the ring other than the one provided, as it may cause damage to the mechanism or ring.
Karakuri Creation Group has beautiful puzzle boxes with unique opening mechanisms and wonderful artistry. The crafting work of Hakone & Odawara have been passed down through generations from the Edo era. Today, craftsmen continue these traditions and explore new and interesting high quality works so that the world of the “Karakuri box” continues to evolve.
Craftsman : Hideaki KawashimaMaterial : purple heart, maple, keyaki (zelkova), clothPackaged in a pressboard gift box and comes with a solution.

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