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Janelle Cipher

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Janelle Cipher

$72.99 2,560,00 possible wheel settings. So powerful and secure – yet so easy to both encode and decode messages. 5.9 diameter. Made from Maple and alder with MDF cores for stability and strength. Bottom wheel is thick, remaining wheels are .143 inch thick. All text is deeply laser engraved and should last a lifetime and more.
Creative Crafthouse has made historical encryption devices for many years as well as six of their own designs. Putting knowledge and experience together, they developed this hand held cipher for the modern age, the Janelle Cipher.
To encode or decode a message, you simply need to align the wheels to the desired key. Then, to encode any character, select any number in the same column as that character. In reverse, find the encoded number and find out which character aligns with it on the outer wheel. This type of device or puzzle can often be found in Escape Rooms to help you decode a secret message.
Comes with full instructions and a worksheet to help you in the encoding and decoding process.
Creative Crafthouse. Made in the USA.

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