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Intergalaxy Butterfly – Shaped Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

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Intergalaxy Butterfly – Shaped Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$59.99 This is not just a puzzle it is a wooden puzzle. It will be a great gift for both a child and an adult.
Physicists say that there is a chance that our Universe is a part of an endlessly bigger Multiverse. In this case, the world as we know it might fit into a single grain of powder on a butterfly’s wing. To reflect on this concept, we’ve created the Intergalaxy Butterfly puzzle, that tells a story about discovering pieces and balance inside ourselves and in the surrounding world. It’s filled with butterflies, flowers, meditating Buddhas, and animals, but its mesmerizing colors invite you to make a step beyond our world and see with your inner eye how beautiful the endless Universe is.
Each puzzle in the Animals series comes in four or three sizes. The bigger the size the harder it is to build the puzzle and the more interesting the story inside it gets. The smallest ones are like trailers to awesome movies, while the Royal Size puzzles will take you on a journey with their own narratives and plot twists. The cuts of each size of each puzzle are unique and different. They are made by creative designers to take you deeper into the story and bring you as many amazing discoveries as possible.

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