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Hoffmann Nut – Brass 6 Piece Burr Puzzle

Hoffmann Nut – Brass 6 Piece Burr Puzzle

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Hoffmann Nut – Brass 6 Piece Burr Puzzle

$106.99 A traditional 6-piece burr puzzle, beloved for over a century! The plain-seeming exterior of this burr belies the mysteries within. While one may pickup and disassemble a simple burr in seconds, the toughest burrs flummox even hard-core puzzle lovers. This broad range of challenges has kept burr puzzles in the forefront of puzzle collections for decades.
Hoffmann Nut is part of a series of small 6 piece metal burr puzzles made by Grave Raven. Each puzzle in the series appears identical when assembled, but each variant is made up of a different combination of pieces. Grave Raven has designed their burr pieces to interoperate not just with the other 5 pieces in the puzzle you purchase, but with ANY piece they produce in the same series! This means you can start your collection with a single burr puzzle, and add individual pieces or entire sets later, assured they will all fit together.
Hoffmann Nut- An early burr design described in Hoffmann’s book of puzzles in 1893. Will you be able to reassemble it?Note: Contains pieces (001, 1024, 824, 188, 960, 256)
These burrs use “6 mm series” pieces, which means each little ‘cubie’ is nominally 6 mm center-to-center. These are length-6 pieces, so their approximate total size is 0.5″ (12 mm) wide and 1.5″ (36 mm) long.
Other puzzles in the 6-piece burr series: Chinese Cross, Diabolical Structure, Six-Way Set, Yamato BlockEach style is available in aluminum or brass.

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