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Hoffman Soma

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Hoffman Soma

$55.99 Hoffman Soma is a variation to Haym Hisch’ Inelegant Soma puzzle. Hoffman Soma is a Soma-Cube puzzle based on the famous Hoffman’s packing puzzle from 1978. This puzzle has 27 cubes of sizes axbxc. The object of that puzzle is to pack them into a cube with sides a+b+c. In 2004, Donald Knuth showed that actually 28 pieces fit, if you make them 3x4x5. That version, produced by George Miller in 2005, was called Perfect Packing. The Hoffman Soma takes Hoffman’s original packing puzzle, and glues pieces together to make Soma pieces.The set of pieces took 11 hours to 3D print on a Dutchy 3D printer. 37 meter of 1.75-mm PLA filament was used to print it. The puzzle weighs 111 grams.
Oskar van Deventer, 21 May 2022Oskar van Deventer has created many different puzzles including his brand of Oskar Puzzles which are mechanical puzzles and objects that can only exist thanks to 3D printing technology. Since 1978, he has been creating hundreds of mechanical puzzles, making him one of the world’s most prolific designers. Several of his innovative designs are commercially available.

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