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Herbie the Love Bug 1962 Volkswagen Bug Hot Wheels Elite 1:18 Scale Die-Cast Vehicle

Wait ’til you see the interior and engine detail! It’s Herbie from Disney’s The Love Bug film! Die-cast metal vehicle features opening doors, trunk, and hood. Herbie! You’re back! Check out the interior and engine detail on this Herbie the Love Bug Elite Cult Classic Die-Cast 1962 VW Bug! An essential entry in the metal Hot Wheels Elite Cult Classic line, the 1:18 scale die-cast car is a perfect likeness to the beetle you loved in Disney’s The Love Bug film. Known as a collector level series, the metal vehicles in this line feature opening doors, trunks, and hoods that reveal interior and engine detail. Cool, huh? Ages 15 and up. $124.99 USD

Love Bug

Vehicles: Die-Cast Metal


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