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Her Key To The Treasure

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Her Key To The Treasure

$399.99 This handmade puzzle lock is designed by Sashko Peshevski from Sweden and is a follow-up design to Titan’s Treasure Puzzle Lock.
The Story: Recently Titan found his precious treasure, but unfortunately, his wife is still unable to find the key to her treasure.The last thing she remembers is that she put the key in her purse.Your objective is to help Titan’s wife find the key to her treasure! Once you find the small key that is inside her purse, please return it back in the purse and lock it! Tools are not allowed!No bumping, no violent force needed!
An innovative design that will leave you wondering where to start… Ok so what do you haveto work with? Only a smooth key? A neat puzzle with a great story!
Includes: One purse padlock and One purse keyComes with a 3D printed stand that you have to assemble (only 2 parts).
Good luck and have fun!

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