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Hedgehog in a Cage: Antiq

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Hedgehog in a Cage: Antiq

$305.99 The new model of the Hedgehog in a cage ANTIQ is inspired by an illustration from the magazine Mlad hlasatel (1940). The cage is made of one piece of noble brass using a different method of production, creating beautiful arches inside the cage. Rather higher difficulty is caused by the specific principle of exclusion.
The Hedgehog includes a burgundy leather bag and a PVC tube decorated with a yellow flower – the symbol of the Vonts (inspired by a novel – a group of boys protecting a hedgehog in a cage). A real map of Shadow district (a place where the Vonts lived) is attached and will help you to discover the real secret of the puzzle! In addition to removing the hedgehog, you will also find a game with the search for hidden clues. The hedgehog as a key and other aids should lead you to a hidden message. This Antique will eventually acquire a beautiful patina.
dimensions: 45 x 55 mmmaterial: metal brassweight: cca 267gnumber of spines: 9

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