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HARRY POTTER Levitating And Spinning HEDWIG Sculpture

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HARRY POTTER Levitating And Spinning HEDWIG Sculpture

$179.99 HARRY POTTER HEDWIG Levitating Sculpture Hand-Painted With Intricate Details Including A Sculptural Base Of Books Inspired By The Books At HOGWARTS – The creatures that HARRY POTTER™ encounters in the wizarding world are always unique and captivating – especially HEDWIG™, the boy wizard’s dear owl companion. This snowy owl’s beauty, loyalty and magical abilities embody the wonders HARRY POTTER experiences in his adventures. And now, with this HEDWIG sculpture you can experience this magical owl’s magnificence up close like never before! Introducing the HARRY POTTER HEDWIG Levitating Sculpture, a limited edition available only from The Bradford Exchange. This treasure is sure to make a cherished addition to your HARRY POTTER decor and a fantastic gift to be enjoyed by witches, wizards and Muggles alike!This officially licensed, handcrafted HEDWIG is authentically detailed to bring her beauty to life. Fully dimensional and meticulously hand-painted, from her focused golden eyes to her sharp black talons gripping a sealed letter, she is truly magnificent. Her white wings are wide open in flight, and you can see and feel the texture of each feather. Plus, there’s more magic to experience, because this HEDWIG actually floats and spins in mid-air! Using hidden electromagnets, the owl levitates above a stack of books, including “Advanced Potion Making,” that are fully sculptural and hand-painted to recall the textbooks used at HOGWARTS™. It is a thrilling HARRY POTTER collectible that captures the true magic of the wizarding world. Strong demand is anticipated, so don’t delay. Order now!


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