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HARRY POTTER And Wizards Of The Wizarding World Figures

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HARRY POTTER And Wizards Of The Wizarding World Figures

$149.95 HARRY POTTER Witchcraft And Wizardry Hand-Painted Portrait Figure Collection Featuring Fine Fabrics And Meticulous Details – Experience the most enchanting array of beloved witches and wizards. Handcrafted with captivating details and award-winning artistry, this HARRY POTTER™ figure collection includes portrait figures of beloved characters and is sure to thrill fans! Introducing the Witchcraft and Wizardry Portrait Figure Collection, available only from Ashton-Drake. Your officially licensed collection begins with Issue One, HARRY POTTER™, priced at $149.95 (plus $15.99 shipping and service). Soon, your magical collection will continue with additional collectible figures including characters like PROFESSOR DUMBLEDORE™, priced at $159.95 (plus $16.99 shipping and service), HERMIONE GRANGER™, priced at $149.95 (plus $15.99 shipping and service), RUBEUS HAGRID™, priced at $229.95 (plus $23.99 shipping and service), and additional HARRY POTTER collectible figures. Each issue will arrive separately.‡You’re sure to be absolutely spellbound over these portrait figures. They perfectly capture the likenesses of the heroes of the WIZARDING WORLD™, from HARRY POTTER to PROFESSOR DUMBLEDORE and more. Master artisans have intricately handcrafted and hand-painted these portrait figures to capture the beloved characters as you remember them from the award-winning HARRY POTTER film series. Each figure is dressed in authentic, custom-designed costuming with fine fabrics and meticulous details. Their hallmark school robes and lavish ensembles are just a few of the many wonders that magically bring them to life. They also arrive with fully sculpted accessories, including HARRY POTTER, who arrives with his broom, his loyal owl HEDWIG™ and the SORTING HAT™, and PROFESSOR DUMBLEDORE, who yields his powerful wand and arrives with the trusted FAWKES™ on his golden perch. Strong demand is expected, so don’t wait! Order now!

HARRY POTTER Witchcraft And Wiza

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