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Greatest U.S. Presidential Documents With Collector’s Chest

Bradford Exchange Deal

Greatest U.S. Presidential Documents With Collector’s Chest

$34.99 Greatest U.S. Presidential Documents Collection Featuring Professionally Curated Documents Recreated On Archival Acid Free Paper With Collector Chest – The personally authored documents of a U.S. President are far more than ordinary correspondence. They are the historic building blocks of a nation, offering a glimpse into ground-breaking legislation, fateful declarations of war, transformative treaties of peace and landmark proclamations. Now a first-of-its-kind collection of recreated archival documents lets you build your own library of the most pivotal writings from our greatest leaders. Exclusively from The Bradford Exchange Mint, the Greatest U.S. Presidential Documents Collection is professionally curated to assemble heirloom-quality reproductions beginning with Issue One, John F. Kennedy: Cuban Missile Crisis Letter to Krushchev – 1962. Next to arrive is Issue Two, Dwight D. Eisenhower D-Day Letter followed by Issue Three, James Madison to Dolley Madison – 1863, plus FREE Deluxe Collector’s Chest and additional recreated Presidential archival documents, each including Curator’s Notes. Each issue arrives separately.�Imagine reading George Washington’s famed second Inaugural address or Lincoln’s masterpiece of freedom, the Gettysburg address or JFK’s impassioned letter to Nikita Krushchev during the Cuban Missile Crisis. These authentic recreations include those written by or sent to a U.S. President and are origin-sourced from the world’s most prestigious archives, including the National Archives in Washington, D.C. They are reproduced on archival acid-free paper and presented in protective sleeves. Plus, each includes intriguing Curator’s Notes brimming with fascinating information about the document, its author and its impact on history. A custom-designed wooden Collector’s Chest in a mahogany finish arrives FREE with Issue Three, to preserve, protect and organize your collectible letters for years to come. A remarkable opportunity for history buffs an

Greatest U.S. Presidential Docum

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