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Gearly: 3D Gear Labyrinth Puzzle

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Gearly: 3D Gear Labyrinth Puzzle

$89.99 GEARLY, 3D Gear Labyrinth Puzzle was designed and made by Cristian Poliziani from Italy. The initial position has two gears perfectly and orthogaonally wedged together, and the objective is to separate the two gears and then reassemble them. It may first appear that this task is impossible… Solving requires 18 steps in which all actions must follow an exact order to avoid dead ends.
No forcing is necessary; only logic is required!
There are two discs that are 10 cm in diameter and 9 mm thick. Each gear is made from 3 layers of durable and finished 3mm birch plywood. The puzzle comes packaged in a beautiful wooden display box engraved with the name of the puzzle and its designer. It holds the puzzle upright and is perfect for storage or to exhibit.
Cristian Poliziani is a Ph.D Student in Transportation Engineering at the University of Bologna, Italy and loves creating brainteasers!

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