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Frank Frazetta Zippo® Lighters And Death Dealer Display

Bradford Exchange Deal

Frank Frazetta Zippo® Lighters And Death Dealer Display

$49.99 Frank Frazetta Lighter Collection Featuring A Sculpted Death Dealer Figure Atop An Illuminated Base Of Zippo Lighters Adorned With Death Dealer Art – Few characters in fantasy or fiction can match the darkly ominous Death Dealer, a menacing warrior who brings destruction and devastation in his wake, advancing in shadowy battlefields strewn with skulls, vultures and smoldering ruins. From the limitless imagination of fantasy artist Frank Frazetta comes these astonishing, iconic images of the vermillion-eyed Death Dealer inspiring the Frank Frazetta Zippo® Death Dealer Lighter Collection, a fine Zippo® lighter tribute exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Your enticing collection of Zippo® lighters begins with Issue One, Death Dealer I. Soon, your lighter collection will continue with Issue Two, Death Dealer VII, followed by Issue Three, a custom sculptural Death Dealer Display – a $100 value, yours for the same low price as a single issue. Additional Frank Frazetta art Zippo® lighters, each a separate issue, will follow.‡Each of the custom lighters in this collection is crafted to last a lifetime and features Frazetta’s Death Dealer art replicated in Zippo®’s vibrant Color Image process. Gleaming with the exclusive Zippo® Street Chrome™ finish, each lighter boasts the distinctive Zippo® bottom stamp – your assurance of the finest American-made lighters since 1932. Plus, each collectible lighter arrives in its own Zippo®-branded gift box, so they make an impressive fantasy gift. Frazetta’s “Death Dealer III” artwork begets the fully sculptural Death Dealer figure atop the octagonal display, perfect for showcasing your collection. Clad in chain mail and a horned helmet, armed with sword and battle axe, the powerfully muscled Death Dealer is individually hand-painted for maximum impact. He presides over a sea of bones lit by blood-red, built-in LEDs that illuminate every demonic nuance of Frazetta’s original character. The

Frank Frazetta Lighter Collectio

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