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Double Tumbler

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Double Tumbler

$339.99 Designer Jon Keegan is a graduate student at The University Of Oklahoma enrolled in the Gallogly College Of Aerospace And Mechanical Engineering. His puzzle story started in 2014 when he purchased his first puzzle from Wil Strijbos, the highly popular Aluminum Cross. In 2017-18 he enrolled in a series of Design and Manufacturing Process courses at University where his first puzzle idea came to fruition, The Tumbler, which was his start into the puzzle world.
The Double Tumbler is the second and more difficult iteration of the Tumbler puzzle. The Double Tumbler shares two identical pieces with his little brother but yet has added two distinctly different parts. Similar to the Tumbler, there are added slots and indicating marks included to aid in the puzzle experience.Objectives:
1) Use indicating marks to find puzzle alignment.2) Release tumblers into body of puzzle3) Release double tumbler end capTwist turn shake solve learn. No external tools required. No force required. All movements are gravity-assisted. Materials: 6061 Aluminum, Ball BearingsClassification: Mechanical Take-Apart

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