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Cuckoo Clock: Delightful Dachshunds Cuckoo Clock$450$


From the dog days of summer through the bone-chilling days of winter, every moment of the year is better when it’s spent with friends – lovable Dachshund friends, that is! Now, four of the cutest Doxies you’ve ever seen are ready to scamper into your home and heart courtesy of the Delightful Dachshunds Cuckoo Clock, a limited edition available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. This timekeeping treasure showcases the endearing artwork of acclaimed award-winning artist Linda Picken with not one, but two of her most engaging portraits of this top-ten breed on a custom-crafted cuckoo clock inspired by traditional designs. The wooden body of this masterfully crafted dachshunds cuckoo clock is shaped like a charming chalet and filled with best-in-show features you’re sure to admire time and again.Sculpted roses adorn the main image of three floppy-eared friends. A second, full-length portrait of a dachshund serves as the centerpiece of the cuckoo clock face, which also features Roman numerals and golden hands. The precise quartz movement and swinging brass-toned pendulum, flanked by decorative pine cone weights, keep time ticking right along and make sure you always know when it’s time to sit, stay or go. But, perhaps the best feature of all is the hourly entertainment provided by a well-trained dachshund “cuckoo” who emerges from behind the shuttered doors on the hour with a cheerful bark! Strong demand is expected from dachshund lovers everywhere. So don’t waste time; order now!

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