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Mystical Enchanted Twilight Fantasy Doll

$159.99 Mystical Enchanted Twilight Fantasy Doll Fantasy Dolls Bradford Exchange

Titania, Queen Of The Fairies Fantasy Doll

$229.99 Throughout the history of literature and love, many stories were told of fairy queens who had charge of the magical creatures who lived in the forests. But it was […]

Sunset Dreams Native American-Inspired Fantas...

$159.99 As the sun sets, it leaves a trail of stunning colors that soon give way to the sparkling night sky. Now, meet the beautiful maiden who carries the sun’s […]

Ice Princess Fantasy Doll

$149.99 Behold the beauty of a mystic monarch: stunning in her majesty, she rides a magnificent stallion through her crystalline kingdom of ice. Now, acclaimed fantasy artist Nene Thomas’ captivating […]

Ice Fantasy Doll

$119.99 When the winter world is frozen solid, sparkling in the moonlight, you know this magical ice fairy must be near. Inspired by C.Z. Marks’ “Faeries of Twilight” poem, DOTY™ […]


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