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$69.99 Designed by Rex Rossano Perez, this is another first-rate “free the coin” puzzle. As with his other puzzles, the name plays with an aspect of history in his home country, the Phillipines. It is also a sequential discovery puzzle that captivates and delights so many puzzle lovers! Sequential discovery puzzles differ from other take apart puzzles because you will remove pieces that may have to be re-used as tools once you determine how to use them to advance towards to the solution. A very cleverly contructed puzzle!
Made in grey (blue & red) acrylic, its unpretentious appearance adds to its natural appeal. Perfectly pocket sized at around 2.5 inches long, the “coin” is actually an acrylic coin-sized token. Recommended that you attempt to solve this puzzle over a table or such, since there are pieces that may “fall out”.

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