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7 Over 8 Tail Feather Error Morgan Silver Dollar Coin With Display Box

The 7-Over-8 Tail Feather Error Morgan Silver Dollar Coin With Display Box – In 1878, U.S. Mint Designer George T. Morgan gave his new Dollar coin a regal American Eagle reverse with seven feathers, the customary number. However, when the coins were checked they had eight feathers! A number of the coins were over-struck by a 7-tail feather die over the existing mistake of eight tail feathers, but at a glimpse the eight feathers was visible from underneath. Today this mistake is a coveted key date and collector favorite known as the 7-Over-8 Tail Feather error. Now, you can honor this mistake with The 7-Over-8 Tail Feather Error Morgan Silver Dollar Coin in an exclusive presentation from The Bradford Exchange Mint.This Morgan Silver Dollar error coin is a genuine first-year issue 1878 Morgan Silver Dollar with a reverse displaying the coveted “7-Over-8” Tail Feather error. Over a century old, your error coin is minted in 90% silver. Plus, your eagle coin arrives professionally secured in a crystal-clear, tamper-proof holder for easy viewing from both sides and to protect your coin, and it also includes a museum-quality, mahogany finished wooden Deluxe Display Box and gleaming title plaque to ensure years of protection and enjoyment. Strong collector interest is expected, so don’t wait. Order now! $199.00 USD

Bradford Authenticated


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