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7 Move Philippe Dubois Aluminium Burr

7 Move Philippe Dubois Aluminium Burr

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7 Move Philippe Dubois Aluminium Burr

$104.99 7 Move Phillippe Dubois Aluminium Burr is a high level one-solution burr puzzle. Although the original designer is unclear, this burr is commonly known as the Phillippe Dubois burr puzzle. It has been produced by Wil Strijboss Streetwise Puzzle Company. Crafted from solid aluminum that has been milled by CNC, the quality is superb and it has tight tolerances.
This difficult burr is comprised of 6 pieces and it requires 7 moves to remove the first element. Since it has only one solution, each piece must be manoeuvred in the correct order. This puzzle has internal voids and does not have a solid locking piece which distinguishes it from less difficult puzzles with the same external shape. This fact also contributes to the massive challenge of having to reassemble the burr after figuring out how to take it apart.
It looks outwardly identical to the 10 Move Piston Burr in Aluminium (also made by Streetwise Puzzles) but the interiors are different. It is possible to combine the pieces from each burr to create new combinations.
Size: Each block is 22mm x 22mm x 66mm long.
As is usual with puzzles produced by Wil Strijbos, it doesnt include a solution. The joy is in the journey… Happy puzzling!

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