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24K-Gold Vintage Banknote Tribute With Collector’s Folder

Bradford Exchange Deal

24K-Gold Vintage Banknote Tribute With Collector’s Folder

$49.95 Complete U.S. Presidents 24K Gold Non-Legal Tender Banknote Currency Collection That Recreates Vintage U.S. Gold Currency Designs In Exacting Detail & Includes Crystal-Clear Currency Holders – Few forms of currency are as fascinating as U.S. Gold Certificates and Gold Banknotes. Before they were outlawed, these notes honored U.S. presidents and bore an obligation stating, “gold coin to the bearer on demand”. Now this highly coveted, obsolete currency is recreated on collectible 24K gold replica banknotes in one of the most remarkable complete collections ever offered. The Bradford Exchange Mint is proud to introduce the Complete U.S. Presidents Banknote Currency Collection, a shining tribute recalling gold banknotes issued between 1870-1928. These historic currency collectibles begin with Issue One, George Washington $20 Gold Certificate, followed by Issue Two, James Garfield $20 Gold Certificate with a FREE Collector’s Folder. Soon your collection will continue with Issue Three, Ulysses S. Grant $50 Gold Certificate and additional collectible 24K gold banknotes, each a separate issue to follow.The stunning non-legal tender certificates in this collection are even more scarce than their highly sought-after predecessors, as they each contain 50mg of genuine 24K gold. Produced in limited quantities with an innovative state-of-the-art technological process, each collectible banknote presents each bill’s intricate presidential design elements just as they originally were in exacting detail. Plus, each 24K-gold note arrives in pristine condition, secured within a crystal-clear currency holder to protect its beauty and value for years to come. Included with the collection is a FREE Collector’s Folder that details the rich history of each banknote and is custom crafted to hold your entire collection. Intense demand is anticipated for this historic currency collection and it makes quite a unique patriotic gift, but you must ACT IN TIME or forfeit your right to own thi


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