From master doll creator R. John Wright, exclusive Low number 79, personally hand-signed by Mr. Wright on both doll tag and Certificate of Authenticity folder. (Please review all photos.) Beautiful Minnie Mouse entitled — Mickey’s Sweetheart — comes from the Walt Disney World Doll Convention exclusive. Released in 2006, Limited Edition of only 500 dolls. Approx. 12 inches tall, fully jointed, molded and hand painted features and leather nose and tail, wears her trademark blue and white polka dot dress and flower bedecked hat, also yellow high-heel shoes. Never displayed, mint in original box with Certificate of Authenticity. This is a nice interpretation of Minnie Mouse. This is a classic Minnie from the 1930s style. Many people may only be familiar with Minnie from Walt Disney World. Minnie and Mickey have changed over the years, from the 30s with their pie-eyed wonderment to the characteristics of the 70s and today at the parks and resorts. Interestingly, I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Russi Taylor who is the present voice of Minnie. Just as Minnie the cartoon has changed, so has her voice. Russi told me of how she used much of the original Minnie voice but also used 50-70s sound and then infused modern sound and her own voice to give Minnie the contemporary voice of we hear today. R. John Wright studios has access to many resources at Disney to bring truthfulness to the whimsy in which it creates the dolls. Disney also had great input and approval on this doll. This is not just a stuffed animal. If you have interest in the work of R. John Wright, his studios has an extensive website. Ships fully insured. Signature Confirmation required for delivery. Stored in clean non-smoking environment. Beautiful doll in original box. Ships to confirmed PayPal U.S. address only. Full insurance. Signature confirmation required upon delivery. Sale benefits charities and consignors in financial predicament and is a non-returnable collectible.