Get Smart Dolls Set - Agent 86 Maxwell Smart and Chief

This is a great set of dolls! From one of the funniest television sitcoms of all time — from Mel Brooks and Buck Henry. Large poseable dolls, approximately 12 inches, little larger than Barbie dolls. Limited run of these dolls was limited to only 7500. 2002. Edward Platt as The Chief. Don Adams as Maxwell Smart, Agent 86. Sideshow Toys.

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Earth’s in KAOS
All is not lost
Soon our Agent 86 will once again be on the scene to save the day.

He’s a great guy
And a fair spy
Though at espionage he’s not so hot, somehow he is the luckiest man alive.

Don’t know how
But he can;
Maxwell Smart
Gets his man.

So every boss
Man in KAOS
Tells his henchmen and his minions “If you want to rule the world you must get Smart!”
Get Maxwell Smart!