Katniss Everdeen Hunger Games Barbie

The Hunger Games has become a fierce blockbuster, and thus Mattel has recreated the heroine Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence) available for avid Barbie collectors.

In this adventurous book adaptation, every year 24 members of a ruined North America are selected to perform in the annual Hunger Games, where ultimately only one person survives. When Katniss’ much younger sister is selected for this tournament, Katniss volunteers herself as a tribute and takes her sister’s place. Thus, the journey begins to The Hunger Games, and hopefully the odds will forever be in her favor.

The Hunger Games is a survival tournament. Each member has no choice but to take their strongest skills and make them unflincingly stronger to come out alive. One of Kat’s greatest skills is her accuracy with a bow and arrow. What started out as a way to provide food for her family in the back woods of District 12 becomes her ally to fight in the controlled wilderness of The Hunger Games.

This Barbie takes the iconic and signature look of Katniss and brings it to life. With her survival gear – green cargo pants, brown boots, signature black jacket and matching shirt, and long braid – the Barbie Mattel is a perfect interpretation of the Hunger Games heroine we love.