Help for Lame Kitten Needed

August 2nd, 2012 | Posted by DollyforSue in Charity Dolls - (Comments Off)

Lame Little Grey Sir Cat

Funds are desperately needed to save 3-week abandoned kitten facing amputation. We need approximately $1,000. For full story and to donate, please click: Save Grey Lady Cat at Thank you kindly.

Here’s a picture of the kitten we saved. And, another update: the leg is going to have to be amputated – it was basically broken in half and is just dangling from skin and muscle. He’s about 3 weeks old, needs bottle-fed regularly, and has diarrhea. The vet had said beforehand in an off-manner way, who would want a three-legged cat. We’re doing everything we can with fundraising to help him out.

We’re still raising for his hospital care – if you or anyone you know could consider helping Grey Sir Cat, words could not express how much it is so deeply and gratefully appreciated.