Mary Blair Doll * Jeanne * by Maggie Richardson

Jeanne, by Maggie Richardson, is one of the prize dolls of my little collection. Jeanne was to be the very first Mary Blair doll. She is lovingly created by Mary Blair’s niece, Maggie Richardson. Ms. Richardson created and named this sweet creation after Mary’s other niece, Jeanne.

Quite a few years ago, I was pleased to find this available directly from Ms. Richardson. This was to be a limited edition of 500. However, the line was discontinued by the family. I was blessed to get my Jeanne just before she was discontinued. She is number 2 and quite likely one of only two ever created.

Jeanne is a beautiful soft doll, approximiately 12 inches tall. She was created as a tribute to Mary Blair’s gift for creating illustrations representing the purity, innocence and joys of childhood in the 1950s — the moon-faced, carefree child often seen skipping through the air.