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{Play The Munsters Theme Song}

Premiered September 24, 1964

The Munsters believe they are just as normal as any other family -- and perhaps they were back in Transylvania -- but now they live in the United States on 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

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Fred GwynneHerman Munster
Yvonne DeCarloLily Munster
Al LewisGrandpa
Butch PatrickEddie Munster
Beverley Owen | Pat PriestMarilyn Munster


Music by Jack Marshall

Though never played/aired with the series, there are lyrics to The Munsters Theme. (They can be found on a record album entitled At Home with the Munsters from 1964.) For your enjoyment, here are the lyrics:

{Play the Munsters Theme Song}

When you are walking down the street at night
And behind you there's no one in view
But you hear mysterious feet at night,
Then the Munsters are following you.

If you should meet this strange family
Just forget what some people have said,
The Munsters may shake your hand clammily
But they're not necessarily dead.

Behind their house you mustn't be afraid
To see a figure digging with a spade.
Perhaps someone didn't quite make the grade
With the Munsters, With the Munsters.

If when you're sleeping you dream a lot,
Ghoulish nightmares parade through your head,
And then you wake up and scream a lot,
Oh, the Munsters are under your bed.

At midnight if creatures should prowl about,
And if vampires and vultures swoop down
And werewolves and fiends shriek and howl about,
Oh, the Munsters are out on the town.

One night I dared peak through their window screen,
My hair turned white at such a crazy scene
Because every evening its Halloween
At the Munsters, at the Munsters!


Munsters TV Guide
TV Guide January 2, 1965
Al Lewis, Fred Gwynne and Yvonne DeCarlo from The Munsters
Munsters TV Guide
TV Guide July 10, 1965
Fred Gwynne and Yvonne DeCarlo from The Munsters

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