Island of Misfit Toys, Today's Date:

September 12, 1966 - March 4, 1971
9:30 pm
Bill Davis, consulting engineer and bachelor, and his English gentleman's gentleman, Mr. French, find their lives turned upside down when they take on raising young twins Jody and Buffy and their teenage sister Cissy.



Uncle Bill Davis
Brian Keith
3 Emmy nominations

Mr. (Giles) French
Sebastian Cabot

Kathy Garver

Buffy & Jody
Anissa Jones
Johnny Whitaker



Kathy Garver
Johnny Whitaker
Anissa Jones

Family Affair -- August 2004

Kathy Garver aka Cissy
and Me

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Gary, Johnny Whitaker aka Jody
and Me

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We wish to thank Kathy and Johnny for a wonderful day.



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April 22, 1967

December 15, 1967

September 7, 1968

May 31, 1969


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  1. BUFFY: A lovable orphan brings an end to "Uncle" Bill's bachelor days. 9/12/1966
  2. JODY AND CISSY: Bill's family gets a new addition, 15-year-old sister Cissy. 9/19/1966
  3. THE GIFT HORSE: Buffy and Jody try to find a gift for Uncle Bill, a man who seems to have everything. 9/26/1966
  4. THE MATTER OF SCHOOL: Uncle Bill nearly forgets to enroll the children in school. 10/3/1966
  5. MARMALADE: Mr. French gets involved in a marmalade ad campaign. 10/10/1966
  6. ROOM WITH A VIEWPOINT: Buffy gets jealous when Cissy gets her own phone. 10/17/1966
  7. MRS. BEASLEY, WHERE ARE YOU?: Buffy's doll, Mrs. Beasley disappears, and the search begins. 10/24/1966
  8. WHO'S AFRAID OF NURAL SHPENI?: A woman tries to end Mr. French's bachelor days. 11/7/1966
  9. A MATTER FOR EXPERTS: Experts advise Bill to separate the twins, Buffy and Jody. 11/14/1966
  10. BEWARE THE OTHER WOMAN: Cissy is afraid Uncle Bill will marry the woman he has been dating. 11/21/1966
  11. TAKE TWO ASPIRIN: While in Yucatan, Bill panics when learning that French is ill. 11/28/1966
  12. LOVE ME, LOVE ME NOT: Feeling insecure, Jody puts Uncle Bill's love to the test. 12/5/1966
  13. THE THURSDAY MAN: Cissy looks into Mr. French's mysterious personal life. 12/12/1966
  14. THINK DEEP: Uncle Bill tries to cure Cissy's crush on her teacher. 12/26/1966
  15. HARD HAT JODY: Jody befriends an eccentric millionaire (played by Brian Donlevy). 1/2/1967
  16. THAT WAS THE DINNER THAT WASN'T: A mother-daughter dinner moves Cissy to feel the loss of her mom. 1/9/1967
  17. ALL AROUNDT THE TOWN: Uncle Bill searches for the twins, who are lost in New York. 1/16/1967
  18. ONE FOR THE LITTLE BOY: Uncle Bill tries to give Jody needed masculine companionship. 1/23/1967
  19. FANCY FREE: Uncle Bill learns a lesson about neglecting the children's school work. 1/30/1967
  20. A HELPING HAND: An inept cook (played by Myrna Loy) gets some culinary pointers from Mr. French. 2/6/1967
  21. ONCE IN LOVE WITH BUFFY: The children decide whether to live with Uncle Bill or Aunt Fran (played by Louise Latham). 2/13/1967
  22. BALLERINA BUFFY: Buffy decides to put her worst foot forward in a dance recital. 2/20/1967
  23. THE MOTHER TONGUE: Mr. French tries to make amends after accidentally insulting a diplomat's daughter. 2/27/1967
  24. EVERYBODY NEEDS SOMEBODY: The twins campaign to find a wife for French. 3/6/1967
  25. THE WAY IT WAS: With the kids at camp, Bill enjoys bachelor life - until he gets bored. 3/20/1967
  26. ALL NEPHEWS ARE CREATED EQUAL: Mr. French is embarrassed by his swinging nephew, David (played by Martin Horsey. 3/27/1967
  27. THE PRIZE: Uncle Bill has to get rid of the twins' pet lamb without breaking their hearts. 4/10/1967
  28. WHAT DID YOU DO IN THE WEST, UNCLE?: Buffy and Jody are captivated by a cowboy -- and Uncle Bill is fit to be tied. 4/17/1967
  29. THE AWARD: Jody and Buffy secretly make a trophy for Uncle Bill. 5/1/1967
  30. THE BUTLER METHOD: Cissy finds that there is no one to ask to the girls' Tag Day dance. 5/15/1967
  1. BIRDS, BEES AND BUFFY: Uncle Bill tries to answer the twins' question, "Where do babies come from?" 9/11/1967
  2. FIRST LOVE: Uncle Bill and Buffy share a common problem - unrequited love. 9/18/1967
  3. GO HOME, MR. FRENCH: French has trouble deciding whether to return to England. 9/25/1967
  4. ARTHUR, THE INVISIBLE BEAR: Uncle Bill is concerned about Jody's new pet - a gigantic invisible bear. 10/2/1967
  5. THE OTHER CHEEK: Uncle Bill's advice is needed when an older girl starts bullying Jody. 10/9/1967
  6. THE CANDY STRIPER: Buffy joins the Brownies and learns the importance of rules. 10/16/1967
  7. FAT, FAT AND THE WATER RAT: Uncle Bill lets Buffy dress like a ragamuffin. 10/23/1967
  8. THE TOY BOX: Uncle Bill has a new problem -- disciplining the children. 11/6/1967
  9. TAKE ME OUT OF THE BALLGAME: Uncle Bill relives his childhood disappointments when Jody tries out for the stickball team. 11/13/1967
  10. YOU LIKE BUFFY BETTER: Uncle Bill tries to give equal time to each child. 11/20/1967
  11. FREDDIE: Uncle Bill tries to help a former girlfriend solve her domestic problems. 11/27/1967
  12. OUR FRIEND STANLEY: Uncle Bill and Jody advise a handicapped boy's mother. 12/4/1967
  13. SOMEBODY UPSTAIRS: A Broadway star (played by Joan Blondell) captivates the girls. 12/11/1967
  14. STAR DUST: A movie star inspires Bill to thoughts of marriage. 12/18/1967
  15. BEST OF BREED: Buffy and Jody try to keep a mongrel. 12/25/1967
  16. FAMILY REUNION: Bill learns that Aunt Fran wants the children. 1/1/1968
  17. A MAN'S PLACE: Mr. French has to decide between serving the Davises or opening a restaurant. 1/8/1968
  18. THE GREAT KOW-TOW: Buffy and Jody give a Chinese grandfather new interest in life. 1/15/1968
  19. THE FISH WATCHERS: Uncle Bill buys an aquarium to promote togetherness - but the net result is more fish. 1/22/1968
  20. THE DAY NOTHING HAPPENED: A blizzard leaves Uncle Bill at home trying to pacify Cissy. 1/29/1968
  21. A HOUSE IN THE COUNTRY: Uncle Bill runs into problems when he decides to buy a home in the country. 2/5/1968
  22. A MATTER OF TONSILS: Buffy's impending tonsillectomy causes pure panic. 2/12/1968
  23. A MEMBER OF THE FAMILY: Mr. French's feelings are hurt when he is not included as a family member. 2/19/1968
  24. HIS AND HERS: A widow with children starts Bill thinking of a family merger. 2/26/1968
  25. THE NEW CISSY: Cissy begins a glamourizing program to develop a new image. 3/4/1968
  26. FAMILY OUTING: A camping trip becomes a treat for Uncle Bill and Jody; a trial for the girls and Mr. French. 3/11/1968
  27. MR. FRENCH'S HOLIDAY: Mr. French's vacation turns into a wild family affair. 3/18/1968
  28. THE BEASLEY STORY: Buffy's doll goes to pieces, and so does the family. 3/25/1968
  29. THE BABY SITTERS: Buffy and Jody terrify a succession of baby sitters. 4/1/1968
  30. FAMILY PORTRAIT: Uncle Bill decides to forgo globe-trotting to become a full-time father. 4/8/1968
More seasons to come!