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Wall Decor: Wings Of Power Wall Decor$450$


To see true freedom in action, just watch a mighty bald eagle in flight. Now, this magnificent symbol of freedom inspires the Wings of Power Wall Decor, a Market First strictly limited-edition living sculpture exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Rivaling the artistry and detail of fine sculptures found in museums and galleries, the three-dimensional bald eagle sculpture is finely sculpted to to capture all the lifelike detail and has a wingspan measuring almost 2 feet! The eagle’s captivating expression, fierce talons and intricately feathered wing are meticulously hand-painted in subtle, naturalistic colors, making each bald eagle sculpture a true one-of-a-kind masterpiece.To further enhance the drama of this exclusive sculpture, the eagle is mounted on a panoramic backdrop showcasing the coveted eagle imagery of acclaimed artist Ted Blaylock in stunning full color. Adding a thrilling sense of depth and perspective, the backdrop turns this superb living sculpture into a unique two-in-one work of art. The Wings of Power Wall Decor is sure to bring a soaring sense of adventure to any room. Due to the time-consuming handcrafting that is required to create each Ted Blaylock bald eagle sculpture, the edition has been strictly limited to just 4,999 worldwide. Strong demand is expected. So order now!

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