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Village Collection: Stalking Dead County Village Collection

We hope you aren’t intimidated by the living dead, because folks in this village are just dying to meet – and eat – you! Welcome to the Stalking Dead County Village Collection, a frighteningly fabulous first-ever of-its-kind exclusively from The Bradford Exchange, Hawthorne Village Division. The ghoulish delights begin with Issue One, Grim Reaper Barn with FREE Zombie Figurine. Next to re-animate, er, arrive will be Issue Two, Field of Screams with 3 FREE Zombie Figurines. Soon your collection will continue with Issue Three, Farmhouse of Horrors with FREE Ma and Pa Zombie figurine and additional village buildings, each a separate issue to follow.‡You’re sure to be thrilled to the bone by all the scary adventures the folks in Stalking Dead County have prepared for you! Each building and figurine in this collection is ghoulishly handcrafted and hand-painted in terrifying detail by skilled artisans. In fact, every zombie in the village is showing off their decomposed best. And you’re sure to shriek with delight at the eerie illumination coming from the graves, cornfield, house and barn. So join the Stalking Dead County residents, live an after-life in pieces and quiet, and let this heirloom quality collection give nightmares to generations to come! Better hurry though; aggressive demand is expected. Order now! $59.98 USD

Hawthorne Village


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