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US Naval Warships Silver Plated Proof Dollar Coin Collection with Display Box

The Greatest Warships Proof Dollar Legal Tender Silver-Plated Coin Collection – Throughout history, the country that controls the sea controls its destiny. Famed commanders and heroic exploits from hard-fought battles, daring rescues and humanitarian outreach have made some ships and moments the most famous in naval history. Now, the greatest American ships of war and peace are boldly commemorated in The Greatest Warships Proof Dollar Coin Collection, available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange Mint. Your journey through naval history begins with Issue One, U.S.S. Missouri. Soon your collection will continue with Issue Two, U.S.S. Enterprise CV-6 and FREE Display Box, Issue Three, U.S.S. Constitution and additional commemorative legal tender coins, each a separate issue to follow.‡Honoring the greatest warships in American history, each coin in this grand collection is richly plated in 99.9% fine silver with striking imagery of great battleships in action on textured waves. Each coin is edged with stars and a handsome rope border and features an anchor privy mark plated in gleaming 24K gold. The obverse features Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, marking it as official legal tender of the government of Tuvala in the designation of one dollar. Your coins arrive in Proof condition, secured in crystal-clear capsules for heirloom preservation. An impressive addition to your own coin collection and a bold patriotic gift idea, this historic presentation is expected to generate strong demand. So don’t delay – order now! $44.95 USD

Bradford Authenticated


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